I’m alLOUD to be ANGRY

Image: cover art for Rico Nasty’s newest album “Anger Management”. She inspires me to be confident with my anger and reminds me that my feelings are valid. Kids are taught to be nice. Kids are taught to forgive. Kids are taught to be polite. Kids are taught to listen to adults no matter what. Women must be nice, even if we are being treated poorly. … Continue reading I’m alLOUD to be ANGRY

Consider Yourself a Writer

I’ve learned from multiple classes and texts that writing is one of the most important mediums of thought. Writing, whether it be typing on a screen or scrawling on paper, allows us to think through our thoughts more logically and efficiently than if we keep them zooming around in our minds. As we grow, our lives become increasingly more complex. We have a plethora of … Continue reading Consider Yourself a Writer