Who Are Family?

When you think of Family, what adjectives come to mind? I immediately think of supportive, loving, generous, caring, kind, present, understanding, and forgiving.

Family are there during the good times and the bad. Family do not judge, but are understanding and forgiving. Family are present in your life, whether it be phone calls, facetime, weekend hangouts, helping with housework, and/or being there for moments that mean something to you. Family care. They don’t just care on Facebook or in a text, their care is shown through their actions. Family forgive quickly and love fully. Family love you regardless of your flaws. Family support your decisions. Family are honest with one another. Family want the best for you. Family want you to be your best and happiest self. Family will do whatever they can to help you, love you, and be there for you no matter their own situation.

I know plenty of people who only see their aunts and uncles and grandparents on holidays, and who get a call from them on their birthday. I know plenty of people who sometimes don’t even get a phone call on their birthday. I know people whose “family” have abused them, hurt them, and abandoned them. This is not Family. The people who hurt you, never see you, abandon you in your time of need, or simply play the family role online and on holidays are not the embodiment of what I have outlined above.

Most of whom I consider Family are not blood but friends who embody everything beautiful that comes from a loving Family. These are the people I want in my life. Life is too short to play pretend with family that don’t really know you or care to know you.

I choose my Family, and my Family chooses me and because of this, our love is real, pure, and beautiful. No pretending. No games. Just love.

I love myself unconditionally and continue to grow everyday.

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