Consider Yourself a Writer

I’ve learned from multiple classes and texts that writing is one of the most important mediums of thought. Writing, whether it be typing on a screen or scrawling on paper, allows us to think through our thoughts more logically and efficiently than if we keep them zooming around in our minds.

As we grow, our lives become increasingly more complex. We have a plethora of pathways that require our attention, brain power, and time: family, friends, jobs, school, bills, pets, a house or apartment, a car, our own and our families health, kids, wants and desires, budgeting, planning for the future, and the continual process of growth and reflection that make us better people. No wonder adults are so stressed out and tired. That’s a lot of different aspects of life that are constantly requiring attention and thought in an already busy day.

To sort through these aspects of life and leave your mind less cluttered, write! Write in the morning, before bed, during a coffee break, whenever you can find a few minutes in the day to get some thoughts out, just write.

In doing so, you will find that you are less stressed, understand your world a little better, and have more creative ideas than if you kept everything inside.

So, how do you begin? If you’ve never considered yourself a “writer,” where do you start? What do you even write about? Here are some places to consider starting.

1.Write in a planner.

I LOVE my planner. Every Sunday, I write down everything that I need to get done that week. I write down appointments, people I have to call, chores I should complete, assignments that are due or need to be worked on, personal and professional goals, and social engagements.

It’s helpful to see the week spread out so that I know what is ahead of me and so that I don’t have all these various parts of my life swirling around my head. I can just open my planner and see it all, no stress of missing or forgetting something, it’s all written down.

2. Write daily, weekly, or monthly goals.

I write these in my planner, but you can write goals down in their own document or journal. Write how you can achieve these goals, why they’re important to you, what the steps may look like, a timeline.

Writing down your goals and answering questions that relate to these goals will help you actually achieve these goals. Writing them down makes them much more concrete and helps in actualizing them. Writing goals helps to motivate you and keep you accountable.

3. Write something you’re grateful for or something nice that happened in the day.

Ending the day by writing a few positive lines down helps to keep the good in your line of focus when life may seem nothing but bad. This can also kickstart other writing. A few lines can easily turn into thoughts surrounding the positivity.

4. Write down your ideas.

Throughout your day, when an idea pops up, write it down. Write down ideas for work, creative projects, kind acts, people you want to see, parties you want to host, places you want to go. Keep a list of your ideas and come back to them frequently to organize and use for goal inspiration.

5. Write for yourself.

Take the stigma that writing must be poetic, lyrical, cohesive, and sophisticated out of the writing process. Write for yourself. Understand that writing is thinking and the more you write, the better writer and thinker you will become.

Writing doesn’t have to be scary. Everyone can and should consider themselves a writer. The more you write, the more you will understand yourself, be less stressed, be more organized, and feel and be more productive.

So, stop reading this and write something down! Open a new tab and create a doc., open your notes app, or open up a good ol’ notebook or journal and try out one of my starting point suggestions. No pressure. You don’t have to tell anyone! Just write for yourself. Start out small and don’t stop!

Remember to love each other, be kind, and grow.

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