7 Resources for Understanding Racism and Privilege

Issues of race and privilege cannot be fully addressed in a single post by a single voice. However, continuing the conversation is important. The following are videos and readings that I find helpful in understanding racism and privilege in the U.S. today. The best way to help and grow is to listen and spread the word.

Some links to learn (:

An amazing TedTalk by an amazing and extremely skilled woman about the importance of multiple stories and representation. I recently read her short story “Bird song” and highly recommend it, it’s a great read.

If you have never heard of or read James Baldwin, click this right away! He is one of the most prolific, intelligent, brilliant writers of the 1900s. All of his writing is emotional, illuminating, and honest. One of my favorites of his is “Stranger in the Village“. His book “The Price of the Ticket” holds a collection of essays he wrote throughout his life about privilege, race, and the black experience in the U.S, I also highly recommend it!

(This video contains profanity and the N word. It may be hard to hear, but this video is important.) Outstanding commentary on what some white people in the U.S think and what some People of Color have to say in response. Hits on some very very important points regarding racism and the experience of many People of Color in the U.S. It highlights the importance of talking and listening.
Great story about white privilege and what it means to feel like the only one.

The article “Why I’m A Racist” hits on what being privileged and white means. It’s a short read but highly illuminating.

Discusses “what is means to survive in a black body” in the U.S. today.

The Implicit Association Test helps people uncover their unconscious biases. The first step towards becoming more aware of your privilege and more aware of the inherent racism that stems throughout our society is to reflect and own up to your own biases. There are a variety of different biases you can uncover on the site, get clickin’!

This is not a comprehensive list by any means. The conversation cannot stop here. Listen, be kind, and be willing to learn and change.

Remember to love each other, grow, and be kind.

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