I Challenge You! …

In light of my post on how to not get motivated, I want to offer an option for the people who feel like they don’t have someone in their life to make proud. So, let’s all hold each other accountable and do a monthly challenge together!

When thinking through some options, I didn’t want to choose something that would force people to feel happy, that would go against everything I previously said! Therefore, we are going to focus on others again.

For 30 days, every day, do something nice for someone else AND something nice for yourself.

Now, this isn’t really a pay it forward kind of challenge. The mentality that doing something nice for someone means that they have to do something nice for someone else doesn’t make much sense to me. We should do nice things for others without hope of anything nice back, because life isn’t always fair and what goes around doesn’t always come back around.

So, just do something nice without any expectations of something nice or kind to be passed along.

“Something nice” can be anything you dream up. Feel free to start off small but try dip your toe in the water outside your comfort zone. Here’s some ideas to start you off —

Something Nice for Someone Else…

Give the barista or server a compliment.

Pick up some liter in your neighborhood or workplace.

Text or call a friend. Tell them how much they mean to you.

Cook or bake for a friend or neighbor.

Bake your dog some dog treats.

Buy a friend a coffee.

Support a friend, creative, artist, kickstarter, patreon etc.

Send a nice email or tweet to a group you love. (Off the top of my head, I’ll be showing my support and love for Critical Role,”Welcome to NightVale”, and the Sleepy podcast.)

Email an old professor you admired.

Message someone you haven’t connected with for awhile.

Compliment a stranger.

Anything counts as long as it is nice! Get creative!

Do something nice for someone AND something nice for yourself.

It’s important to be kind to others, but it’s also important to be kind to ourselves. Everyday for 30 days do something nice for you —

Something Nice for You …

Make yourself your favorite food or drink. (I’ll be making plenty of coffee and Puerto Rican rice.)

Go to bed early or go to bed late, your preference.

Cancel plans you didn’t want to do and make that time just for you.

Do something you’ve been meaning to do, like wash your sheets. It may not be something nice immediately, but when you lay in bed with clean sheets that’s a whole new feeling of good.

Enjoy a long shower.

Watch your favorite show before bed.

Listen to or dance to your jams! (I’ll be cracking up some Anderson .Paak in the mornings.)

Give yourself a compliment. Look in the mirror and say something you love about you in the morning or before bed. “I am a great friend. I am funny. My hair looks fly af today.”

At the end of each week, or if you’re on social media as much as I am, at the end of every day, comment on the bottom of this post or @ me on twitter or instagram that you successfully completed the week or day. You don’t have to say what you did, visibility isn’t important when doing something nice, but you can if you’d like! Let’s do some good for others and ourselves.

I’m here to support those who feel alone.

Remember to love each other, grow, and be kind.

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