How To (Not) Get Motivated

I was having a hard time writing something for this week. Every time I sat down to write I would end up scrolling through Twitter or Googling random stuff mindlessly. I had no motivation to do anything.

I don’t think it’s a stretch for me to say that many of us have been through a time or multiple times in our lives when doing daily tasks that are usually no problem, are somehow difficult. When this happens, what can we do?

A lot, and I mean 250 million results for “How to get motivated” on Google kind of a lot, of people talk about getting motivated as if there is a magic step by step system that guarantees success, ridiculing those who still find themselves unmotivated at the end of the day. As if something is wrong with you if you don’t jump out bed after watching an inspirational TedTalk on Youtube or reading a “Top 10 tips to get motivated” article on Buzzfeed.

There’s nothing wrong with knowing the tools or “tips” and still having a hard time doing any of them. I know that going to the gym, cooking food, making plans with friends, and getting off my phone would all help me get motivated and lift my mood…but sometimes I just can’t do it. I mean, honestly, who wants to lift weights or cook for an hour when Youtube is on autoplay and the covers are warm and your heart just says no?

This being said, there are times when things need to get done and you don’t have time to be unmotivated. What do you do then?

Unpopular tip? Don’t get up for yourself if you can’t, don’t force motivation. This leads to guilt and anger towards ourselves when we feel forced to be something we are not. Instead, think of someone you’re close to. Could be a friend, family member, a classmate, coworker, Professor, boss… Now, make them proud.

Imagine being able to talk to this person and tell them all that you completed or did that day. Take it a step further, actually call or tell them at the end of the day!

Tell your boss that you completed your assignment on time or feel really good about the work you did. Call a friend or family member and talk about your day. Would you rather tell them you did nothing even though you had a lot to do, or would you rather tell them something, anything about your day that makes them proud?

And I’m not saying that we should pretend everything is okay if it’s not.

Today was alright. I didn’t want to do anything but lay in bed, but I went to work and got a good bit done. Ordered pizza for dinner and I practiced guitar a little.”

It’s not much: going to work, ordering food, trying to do something special for a few minutes… but being able to tell someone important to you that despite not wanting to do anything, you tried, making them proud, really can help get out of bed even if you have no motivation for yourself.

Be kind to yourself, it’s okay to not be okay. Take the pressure off of yourself by not working to become motivated or happy, but working towards a day that you can share with someone you love. Do something simple that would make someone impressed or proud. Eventually, you may find that you are doing things for yourself throughout the day, to make yourself proud.

Remember to love each other, grow, and be kind.

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