What I’m Watching

Summer is coming, and it’s a perfect time to start binging a new show! I would consider myself a fairly critical viewer of media, so when I recommend a show or book, you can bet your bananas that I’m leading you towards something amazing. Requirements for the list: Culturally and socially aware Intellectually or emotionally stimulating in some way Binge-ability 10/10 The following are some … Continue reading What I’m Watching

Summer is Coming: Creating Habits to Achieve Your Goals

Artwork by andilynnf check out their redbubble! **Please excuse the bad Game of Thrones reference in the title. My life is GoT and finals right now. Summer is on it’s way, and for many of us that means a little more time will be available to spend how we choose. I always treat summer like a halfway New Year’s Eve, reflecting on the year so … Continue reading Summer is Coming: Creating Habits to Achieve Your Goals

Consider Yourself a Writer

I’ve learned from multiple classes and texts that writing is one of the most important mediums of thought. Writing, whether it be typing on a screen or scrawling on paper, allows us to think through our thoughts more logically and efficiently than if we keep them zooming around in our minds. As we grow, our lives become increasingly more complex. We have a plethora of … Continue reading Consider Yourself a Writer

7 Resources for Understanding Racism and Privilege

Issues of race and privilege cannot be fully addressed in a single post by a single voice. However, continuing the conversation is important. The following are videos and readings that I find helpful in understanding racism and privilege in the U.S. today. The best way to help and grow is to listen and spread the word. Some links to learn (: If you have never … Continue reading 7 Resources for Understanding Racism and Privilege

“Drunk Wives Matter” A Short Story

The teacher’s lounge television cast images of protesters, or as Staci would say, mobs of people, in winter coats and gear carrying black signs with white lettering that read: Don’t Shoot. We Will Not Be Silent. Is My Son Next? Respect Existence or Expect Resistance. Various pockets of teachers murmured while they ate their salted chicken, peas, and grapes— “Is this really the only news … Continue reading “Drunk Wives Matter” A Short Story